Big Wash is Fast, Clean, and Convenient

We focus on providing a comfortable environment for our customers where they feel welcome to come back. We have done a full remodel on the facility so that the customer experience is put first. We have installed all new equipment, hired new staff, and remodeled the interior of the building so that it is cleaner, more inviting, and a better experience with faster equipment.

All of our brand new machines are environmentally friendly.

Affordable Prices

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Haley T.

“This place is very well managed. All machines are brand new and a very nice lady helped us get change from our cash. She also was working hard cleaning windows and floors.”

Victor L.

“Best washing machines I’ve ever seen new and clean all around best, dryers are just as good not expensive to use multiple size washers to choose from.”

Brad M.

“I’m super impressed… They must have just remodeled. There was all new equipment, it was easy to use and reasonably priced.”

Letty M.

“I do my laundry every week here and it’s truly my favorite laundromat too. The machines are amazing they look super new and they wash and dry my clothes quickly. They have a reverse setting in the dryer that actually makes my clothes dry faster and don’t leave a smell. I think you pay a few cents more but so worth it. They’re pretty clean and the bathroom is also clean. Recommend this for anyone who needs reliable and quick washers and dryers!”

Alexandra G.

Came back to this spot after not coming in a while and it seems like the place got new management because everything is remodeled! The machines are great. The staff are also very helpful and polite. It’s definitely going to be my laundry spot again!

Mariel R.

Everything was amazing!! Soo clean and the people were nice ! I think they are under a new management cuz is way different now and they have new machines and everything! Awesome place thumbs up

Eliciana S.

Clean and no waiting. Good machines too!

Our Promise

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