Kearns (Coming Soon)

Welcome to Big Wash Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Your Local Kearns Laundromat!

Our new Kearns location isn’t just a laundry facility; it’s a complete transformation. We’ve taken your feedback and aspirations to heart, resulting in a fully remodeled laundromat that’s designed with your needs in mind. We’ve invested in brand new, cutting-edge laundry equipment to ensure efficiency, reliability, and a hassle-free laundry experience.

What to Expect at Our Kearns Location

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At Big Wash, we’re not just a business; we’re your neighbors. Our commitment to West Valley runs deep, and we take pride in contributing to our community’s well-being. By choosing Big Wash, you’re not only supporting a local venture but also embracing a superior level of service that reflects the heart and soul of West Valley.

Join Us in Elevating Your Laundry Journey:

Big Wash Laundry and Dry Cleaning invites you to experience a new era of laundry services right here in West Valley. Say goodbye to subpar experiences and hello to unparalleled cleanliness, care, and convenience. Let us redefine what a laundromat can be for you. Explore our self-service options, indulge in our Wash and Fold service, and revel in the excellence of our dry cleaning expertise. Join hands with a local establishment that’s committed to elevating every aspect of your laundry routine. Your journey to a fresher, cleaner, and more vibrant wardrobe starts with Big Wash.